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One of the first times I visited the Muppet workshop I saw Muppet builder Kermit Love building several Big Bird heads! What magic! And Carroll Spinney, who performed Big Bird with such amazing artistry, was always so nice to everyone who visited the set, including my own kids! I always loved Big Bird!

Big Bird was always wonderful to use in book illustrations because he was so large and his bright yellow feathers provided such contrast to the earthy, maybe even drab colors of the inner city landscape that was Sesame Street. His size also created layout problems for the illustrators, but he was a big, wonderful child, and books about him are among the best and most fun.

Big Bird's Big Book Joe Mathieu

Big Bird's Big Book

"A giant Sesame Street board book, measuring 16 inches by 24 inches. In six panoramic scenes, Big Bird and his friends teach learning concepts, opposites, naming colors and counting." Muppet Wiki

Big Bird Plays the Violin

Big Bird Plays the Violin

After Big Bird drives his neighbors to distraction with his violin playing, Betty Lou teaches him to practice and peace is restored.

I Want to Go Home!

I Want to Go Home!

Big Bird goes to stay with his grandmother at the beach and is homesick until he makes a new friend

Get Well, Granny Bird cover

Get Well, Granny Bird

Big Bird's granny gets sick while he's visiting her, so he really tries to help her out, but he makes a super mess instead. But granny loves him, and all ends well. I used my wife's nightgown as the model for granny's, and my childhood memories of Cape Cod as the setting.

Big Bird's Copycat Day cover

Big Bird's Copycat Day

Big Bird is at his silly best in this charming book written by Sharon Lerner. Big Bird runs around Sesame Street copying all his friends until he is just tuckered out and says, "Good Night"!