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 Sesame Street Lift-and-Peek Party!

Illustrated by Joe Mathieu 1998 Random House

Sesame Sreet Lift-and-Peek Party!

The many characters of Sesame Street are enjoying a party and little hands are invited to lift flaps and search for party items such as a party horn, ice cream sundae, pin+a1ata, and more. -BOOK DEPOSITORY

We published several oversized lift-and-peek board books which got more clever and sophisticated with each one. This was the best one, in my opinion. I designed the door and window flaps, so there wasn't really a manuscript; it was just a matter of coming up with ideas that would work as flaps and lead the reader through the book. This wasn't as easy as it sounds, but I really had fun with it.


Sesame Street Lift-and-Peek Party! Street Pages

Sesame Street Lift and Peek Party pages 2-3
Sesame Street Lift and Peek Party pages 4-5
Sesame Street Lift and Peek Party pages 6-7





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