Joe Mathieu Doctor Seuss Books

The Nose Book

by Al Perkins 1970 illustrated by Joe Mathieu 2002 Random House


The Nose Book Doctor SeussTHE NOSE BOOK is not written by Dr. Seuss, but it was the next in the series with The Eye Book and The Tooth Book, which were written by Seuss. One of the opening pages features a group of very strange looking animals, and some people have written to ask if they are real animals or if I made them up. Actually, they are real! They are, from left to right, a saiga, a flamingo, a rhinoceros, a Brazilian tapir, an ant eater, a drill monkey, a giant forest hog, a duck billed platypus, a mosquito, a toucan, a proboscis monkey, and a bruijn's echidna! I kid you not!

The Nose Book was selected by Kohl's Department stores as their Kohl's Cares Book selection for Spring 2014.

The Nose Book: Pages

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