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Too Many Cats

Written by Lori Haskins 2009 Random House

Too Many Cats cover

Cat after cat makes its way over the fence and into the backyard of a lady who’s looking for a little quiet to enjoy some music. There are slinky cats and stinky cats, gray cats and stray cats, but all the cats have one thing in common—they love to sing. Meow!

This companion book to Too Many Dogs brings a fun, rhyming text together with bright, humorous artwork in a book that will be irresistible to animal and cat lovers. -Amazon

I loved illustrating "Too Many Dogs", and this was just as much fun! It was also selected as the best children's book of 2009 by the New Jersey Library Association! I had a lot of help from cat owners

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Too Many Cats pages 4-5
Too Many Cats pages 16-17
Too Many Cats pages 26-27
Too Many Cats pages 28-29
Too Many Cats pages 30-31





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