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Big Cindy's School Bus

Written by Lisa and Cindy Moran 2004 Random House

Big Cindy's School Bus cover

And she’s off! Big Cindy is a school bus driver with a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm, which is perfect, since every day is a busy day on Cindy’s bus. Join this spunky lady from her just-before-dawn ride to the bus yard where she performs her daily inspection of the bus, to picking up children on her bus route, to going on a fun-filled school trip to the apple orchard. Along the way, discover the special features of a school bus as well as the important safety tips that every school bus rider should know. -Google Books

"Big Cindy's School Bus" follows in the steps of "Big Joe's Trailer Truck", "Big Frank's Fire Truck", and "Big Mike's Police Car".

Big Cindy's School Bus Pages

Big Cindy's School Bus pages 4-5
Big Cindy's School Bus pages 6-7
Big Cindy's School Bus pages 14-15





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