Books by Joe Mathieu

Books by Joe Mathieu

I generally illustrate books written by other people. I like working with authors, especially when I am fortunate enough to work with such great writers as Laura Numeroff, Dr. Seuss, and all the wonderful writers at Sesame Street. However, I have written and illustrated three books, even though I don't consider myself a writer. And yet, Big Joe's Trailer Truck has been translated into several languages!

I am also credited as author on several other books, usually Sesame Street books, where there was no manuscript, and therefore no author. In some cases, I was given a concept, and I "composed" a visual story line without words. Sometimes, a few words were added after the fact.


Big Joe's Trailer Truck Joe Mathieu

Big Joe's Trailer Truck

Big Joe's Trailer Truck follows a truck driver through a typical day at work. To be a truck driver was my fantasy job as a kid after I watched big rigs fly by our car when my family took a road trip across the United States. Big Joe is based on a trucker I knew when I was a kid, and takes place in the little New England town where I grew up.

The Olden Days cover

The Olden Days

The Olden Days was written during the years when my wife and I would take our two children, Joe and Kristen, to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA.

Busy City cover

Busy City

Busy City was written in the early days of my career when I was going into New York regularly. The book isn't just about New York, though, as the view of Fenway Park in Boston certainly testifies.