Joe Mathieu Children's Books

Children's Books

Most of the illustration work I have done since 1971 has been for children's books, over 150 to date. About 100 of those have been for Sesame Street. I have also "co-illustrated" about 40 Cat-in-the-Hat books in collaboration with illustrator Aristides Ruiz. The other 50 or so were of all types, sometimes for other TV shows, sometimes for trade publishers, some were written by well established authors like Laura Numeroff or even Dr. Seuss, and a few were written by me!

Some of these books are more expensive "trade" books, and some are less expensive "mass market" books. I always loved to do both. It's nice to have a beautifully printed, beautifully bound, special book. But I always believed it is also nice to provide less expensive books for kids who might not have the money for the expensive book. I also think it's nice to have the less expensive books so kids can handle them, and love them themselves, and not have to worry if they tear a page or get it dirty. The writing and illustrations must be just as good either way!

Joe Mathieu Sesame Street Books

Sesame Street Books 

I have illustrated about 100 books for Sesame Street starting in 1972. These include books featuring all the main characters, and they include hundreds of minor ones, or "anything" Muppets. They include oversize books and tiny books, and some with windows or flaps.

Joe Mathieu Doctor Seuss Books

Doctor Seuss Books 

My Dr. Seuss books range from a couple he wrote under the name of Theo. LeSieg to new books featuring the Cat-in-the-Hat and usually co-illustrated with Aristides Ruiz.

Joe Mathieu's Books

Books by Joe Mathieu

I have written and illustrated 3 books, including BIG JOE'S TRAILER TRUCK. In addition to books I have actually written, I am credited as author on number of books that I illustrated without manuscripts.

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Books by Other Authors

In addition to the Sesame Street books, Dr. Seuss books, and books I wrote, I also illustrated books written by other authors.