Joe Mathieu Work

Joe Mathieu's Artwork

I am an illustrator. I create artwork for reproduction. It is what I have always liked best about creating art. I love to see my work in print. As I have said, my earliest exposure to art was the illustration and cartoon work of commercial magazines, comic books, and also newspaper comics. I have done very little artwork to hang on the walls. For me, the finished product is the book or magazine.

Most of my work is devoted to children's books, and most of that to books for Sesame Street. But I have also found it fun and rewarding to illustrate a number of album and CD covers for some of my favorite jazz musicians. I also do some caricature work. Of course, caricatures find their way into my children's books and music covers, but I have done some caricature work just for its own sake.

Over the years, I have worked in both traditional, "reflective" styles (on paper with watercolor and pencil), and also "digitally", drawing and painting on a computer. Both styles require the same drawing and painting skills, but today, digital work is usually required. With digital work, the finished product is a computer file, and ultimately, reproduced in a book. But with digital illustration, there is no "original art" as there would be for the reflective process.


Joe Mathieu Work Children's Books

Children's Books

My main job as illustrator is that of children's book illustrator. My 200 or so titles include books for Sesame Street, Cat-in-the-Hat, and other assorted subjects, from horses to trailer trucks.


Joe Mathieu Jazz Album Artwork

Album Covers

I became interested in jazz of the 1920's as well as ragtime and stride piano. This passion led to my illustrating album and CD covers for many musicians from all over the USA and Europe.


Joe Mathieu Caricatures


I first became interested in the art of caricature as a young boy during the Kennedy/Nixon presidential campaign. This is a collection of some of my caricatures from those early days through my adult life.