Art for Sale

I have maintained possession of most of my original illustrations. This would be traditional, reflective art done before I started working digitally. My original art consists of illustrations done for many children's books, magazine assignments, and album and CD covers. This collection consists of several thousand pieces.

Many of these originals are for sale on this web site. Since the bulk of this work was done for Sesame Street, this is a unique, if not definitive, collection of Sesame Street original art.

I can only present a sampling of the art that I have for sale, so if you would like to inquire as to the availability or price of a particular piece, please contact me.

The originals are un-framed as they were when returned from publication, and all original art will be signed by me.

It is important to remember that these are not prints. They are original illustrations, and as such, they are sold for the personal enjoyment of the buyer. Copyright and reproduction rights remain with the publisher, and are not part of the sale. The Sesame Street Muppet characters are licensed and owned by Sesame Workshop and Muppets, Inc., so NO reproduction of the original art is permitted. I will send any buyer a written agreement that will spell out all the details, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this matter.


Children's Books Art

Grover on a Carousel

Sesame Street Magazine, Summer '92

Bert Under Water

Sesame Street Magazine Cover, July '88

Ernie Bert and Grover Treasure Hunt

Sesame Street Magazine Cover March 1981

Grover the Magician

Sesame Street Magazine Cover, March '82

Ernie Plays Baseball

Sesame Street Magazine Cover '77

Ernie the Detective

Sesame Street Magazine Cover November '75

Happy Birthday Big Bird

Sesame Street Magazine '96

Sesame Street Trick or Treat

Sesame Street Magazine October '97

The Color of Me with Big Bird

Sesame Street Magazine '94

Sing Along with Sesame Street

Sesame Street Magazine '94

Ernie With Rubber Duckie

Sesame Street Magazine, July '97

Ernie and Zebra

page 30-31 

Grover with Flowers

Sesame Street Magazine, '85

Count Von Count Lunchtime 

Sesame Street Magazine, September '79